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Here are just a few of our testamonials from patients that have enjoyed our services.  We look forward to working with you and your health needs.  Schedule your therapeutic massage session today!

Jon Roeser

World Champion Cow Horse Trainer


"As a horse trainer, the use of massage therapy is necessary and has enhanced my overall health and performance. Twain was so knowledgeable in sports therapy and recongnized the fact that I cannot take a break or time off to heal.  Twain designed a unique routine for me to keep my body healthy while on the road. I would highly recommend her to any athlete looking to enhance or maintain their quality of life."

- Jon -


Lacyn J.

Equine Participant


"I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 2.  Massage has helped me be more relaxed and comfortable.  Massage has also helped me break  up the scar tissue at my injection sites."

- Lacyn -

Jennifer R.

Avid Runner 


"I  have suffered from Plantar Fascitis for many years due to my lustrous running career, yet Twain with her healing hands massaged my foot on a daily basis and healed me, I am whole again."

- Jennifer-

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